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New England Mechanical Overlay and NEMO Fabrication have the best safety records in the industry.

NEMO is proud to carry the highest certification stamps in the welding industry as well as the certifications required to perform industrial welding across a wide genre of industries, such as power & energy, medical, and mining to name a few. NEMO has the following certifications or meets the requirements put forth by these organizations: ASME, AWS, NFPA, ASTM, MSHA, National Board, ISNetworld, and OSHA.

NEMO has long been an innovator and leader when it comes to safety. NEMO has created the NEMO Safety Standard by which it requires all employees and management to adhere to. This dedication to safety includes in-house training classes, testing, management-focused training, and an annual safety week gathering for all employees to attend at their headquarters in Pittsfield, New Hampshire.