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New England Mechanical Overlay and NEMO Fabrication require an advanced level of skill sets to ensure that the work performed is of the highest quality and the safest standards in the industry. NEMO recognizes the importance of education to improve a worker’s skill set, knowledge and confidence, which creates a safer, more productive, efficient environment with a higher quality of work performed.

Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements across a wide variety of industrial genres can be as challenging as the work itself. NEMO provides ongoing educational classes for their employees to earn certification to work on specific projects that have regulatory requirements exclusive to the industry or material used such as fire, mining, hazardous materials, pressure boilers, and more. Visit the NEMO Fab Shop stamps & certification page to see what certifications NEMO can offer it’s employees.

The Facility
NEMO Fabrication provides hands-on training classes in their 60,000+ facility. Each class must pass both written and weld tests to pass certification. The facility mezzanine is reserved for hands-on training in real-world welding situations. The facility also includes a desk and computer classroom and movie screen for large audiences.

Safety Week
Each year in December, NEMO brings together their entire team of employees for several days of safety training classes, hands-on workshops, and presentations by industry experts. The picture below was taken during one of these annual gatherings.


What makes NEMO completely unique in the industry is their family of companies. New England Mechanical Overlay, NEMO Fabrication, and Harvard NDE, provides you with everything you’ll need for a complete turnkey project including: design, fabrication, delivery, installation, testing, examination, and maintenance. These services, combined with the best safety record in the industry and a team of experienced and knowledgeable certified welders, make up the NEMO Advantage.