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NEMO Fabrication

The NEMO Fab Shop is a 6,000+ square foot shop in Pittsfield, New Hamphire that specializes in ASME tank design and fabrication, as well as power and process piping. In addition to tank and tank related fabrication, the NEMO Fab Shop is capable of fabricating a wide variety of other industrial plant and warehouse projects, including structural and mechanical. The NEMO Fabrication design team can work with you to create fabrication drawings of your tank that meet compliance and certification requirements with supporting calculations and material specs. You will save time and money by using NEMO’s in-house industrial coating services to meet your exterior paint requirements. ND examinations are performed by our sister company, Harvard NDE. Finally, NEMO Fabrication’s New England road crew will deliver and/or install your finished fabrication.


NEMO Fabrication Welders

The NEMO Family of companies is comprised of New England Mechanical Overlay, Inc. (N.E.M.0.), NEMO Fabrication, and Harvard NDE. Since 2005, New England Mechanical Overlay has specialized in industrial boiler repair, corrosion-resistant overlay, power plant maintenance, pipe fitting, shop fabrication and other field-specific services. NEMO’s sister company, NEMO Fabrication is a full-service design and fabrication shop specializing in custom ASME tank design and fabrication as well as power and process pipe fitting. Harvard NDE, acquired by NEMO in 2018, is an established nondestructive examination company specializing in the examination and testing of material stress with a variety of non-destructive analysis techniques.

New England Mechanical Overlay was founded in 2005 by Jamie Byrd. In 2008 Bryan Foulds joined NEMO as a partner and CEO. In 2010 NEMO built it’s current headquarters and 6,000 square foot fabrication shop in Pittsfield, New Hampshire. In 2018 NEMO acquired Boston-based Harvard NDE. The NEMO Executive staff and key employees who work at the Pittsfield headquarters account for 10 of the over 100 employees that work for New England Mechanical Overlay. NEMO takes pride in training and certifying its managers and welders to be the best in the business. NEMO is a ‘pioneer in safety‘ with an unmatched safety record in the industry.


What makes NEMO completely unique in the industry is their family of companies. New England Mechanical Overlay, NEMO Fabrication, and Harvard NDE, provides you with everything you’ll need for a complete turnkey project including: design, fabrication, delivery, installation, testing, examination, and maintenance. These services, combined with an umatched safety record in the industry and a team of experienced and knowledgeable certified welders, make up the NEMO Advantage.

New England Mechanical Overlay, NEMO Fabrication, and Harvard NDE